2015 Crop List

Every year we include a full compliment of seasonal produce in our CSA Farm Shares.  We add new varieties and replace ones that aren't producing as well and we work to introduce new (and old) vegetables that you don't see in the supermarket that often. See our complete crop list...

During the course of the season your share will include among other things:

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for you to create a direct relationship with a farm and to receive a regular supply of fresh produce throughout the seasons. There are many positive benefits to joining our CSA Farm Share program. We work hard to grow the best vegetables we can on our farm and deliver them directly into your hands. Great tasting healthy produce, harvested just for you, is something that you just can't get from the supermarket. The CSA model of paying for the share ahead allows us to focus on farming because we know we are growing it for you. We are able to price the CSA Share reasonably compared to buying the same amount of produce pound for pound because of the efficiency of not having to "sell" it to you every week. Healthy fresh food at a fair price is the foundation of Lucky Field Organics. There are other CSA options out there but few that make the commitment to be certified "Organic". That means a lot more than just saying they grow using "natural" techniques. We are committed to all the organic practices not just the easy ones. We go through a thorough inspection every year and we keep records at every stage of production to insure that we are growing the healthiest produce possible.

What does it mean to become a member?

As a CSA member you know where and how your food is grown. You can get to know the farmers who grow your food and as members of the CSA you and your family have the opportunity to visit the farm and even try your hand at farming if it suits you.

What is in a Summer CSA share?

We have been focusing our efforts on expanding the number of months of the year that we can supply complete CSA shares and we are now offering them from June through December. Our CSA program consists of Summer Shares and Fall Shares. They will both be 15 weeks long and are meant to be paired together to keep you in fresh local food for over 6 months

Each Summer Season CSA share size we offer provides a good weekly supply of fresh vegetables, greens, and herbs over the course of the twenty week season. A single share averages 3 1/2 pounds weekly, ideal for one person. A couple share averages 6 pounds weekly, the perfect amount for a couple or a vegetarian. A large share averages 8 pounds weekly, an amount well suited for a family.

The weight of food per share is a little less than the average in the beginning of the season when leafy greens such as pea greens, spinach, kales, chards, Asian greens, mustards, and lettuces are more abundant. Then the weight increases as the variety increases over the weeks when your early spring crops such as snap peas, radishes, turnips, beets, kohlrabi, broccoli, and cauliflower are harvested. In this early time the produce offered is divided into five or six categories with two or more selections in each to choose from. Of course we are always willing to consider swapping when something simply does not appeal to you.

From time to time we will add items to your share such as fruit or corn that is locally grown but not organically grown. These are foods that we do not grow or that can't be sourced organically, but they are important seasonal foods and most folks appreciate them in their shares. You can always swap them out for more of something else we have that is organic.

For a detailed list of what we grow, visit our Crop List page

The poundage of food given per share meets and often exceeds the average once we reach mid season. During this time the restriction of categories will slowly decrease and the choices increase as we begin to harvest a variety of crops including cucumbers, scallions, cabbages, carrots, beans, summer squash, eggplant, and the always anticipated tomatoes.

The poundage of food given per share in the later part of the season tips the scales to an even heavier side as we begin to harvest such vegetables as peppers, potatoes, onions, parsnips, rutabagas, sweet potatoes, celeriac, and a selection of winter squashes. We also sometimes bring in treats for our members from other local farms such as apples, peaches, and corn.

What is new about the Fall CSA share?

Starting this year the Fall Shares will have a wider variety of produce, they will have a longer season and they will be offered in three sizes like our Summer Shares. The Fall shares will now have choice items where you can choose like our Summer Shares do as well. The Fall Share distribution will be every two weeks instead of each week on Saturdays due to the shorter days bringing darkness earlier.  We also do this because fall crops are able to stay fresh and hold for a longer period of time than summer grown crops so we can consolidate 15 weeks of great food into seven (7) pick up days. This makes the Fall Share convenient and easy to fit into busy fall schedules.

The shares will begin with both Main season produce and Fall vegetables and it will transition in the root crops, fall fruits, and continue the seasonal greens grown under row cover and in the greenhouses. The shares will average slightly more weight than the Summer Shares with the winter squashes and root crops and they will easily last the two weeks between pick ups and more. 

What is so important about eating locally?

"Eat local" is not just a catchy phrase. It's being aware that eating food grown where you live is what the world has always done, with the exception of the last 40 years or so. The efficiencies found by growing food far away and shipping it in have come at the price of quality, variety and safety. The volatility of the world today gives pause for thought. The value of eating fresh, local, and sustainably grown food is not only in the quality, taste, and health benefits; it is also found in the truth that if we support and help create a vibrant local agricultural economy, we are adding to the local and regional economy as well. Where change is now often dramatic and very fast, the old adage "think globally, act locally" has a new found resonance. With so many aspects of our lives relegated off to someone somewhere else, a CSA Farm Share is an opportunity to participate in the most basic of our needs, the food our families eat. Wouldn't you rather eat fresh healthy food grown locally by farmers you know?

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We work hard on our farm to offer an abundance of choices throughout the season. We grow beautiful greens and most all of the familiar vegetables we all love and we offer recipes and practical tidbits to help you explore eating a wider variety of the less common vegetables to help raise the bar on the repertoire of vegetables you enjoy.

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